Definition: Schmiee

While the word ‘Schmiee’ can refer to Satan’s own evil cannabis sativa also known as ‘reeferstick’, it can also be a verb meaning to fire, terminate, let go, take off the schedule, shit-can, renvoyer, getting the boot or otherwise relieve from employment.



Examples are: ‘hey Jimmy got Schmieed this morning. I saw him with a sad, shitty box cleaning out his pathetic cube.’

Or, ‘Hey I heard the big Schmiee is coming! They are going to lay off 200!’.

The Big Schmiee’, or crossing ‘El Schmieeo Grande’ is mythical, like the Big Kahuna, the perfect wave where everyone gets fired.

Being Schmieed encompasses all forms of being fired, it doesn’t matter why: if you did shitty work, screwed up the big project, committed an on the job crime, did some form of harassment, not showing up for work or even if the company shuts down or it’s called a layoff, you are still a pathetic, unemployed, sad-faced, lonely, miserable, douche-bag loser.

But if everything’s a Schmiee, you never have to feel bad about it. Dust yourself off and get another shitty job. No one really cares. It’s OK.

Your new interviewer? He doesn’t give a radical rat’s ass why you got Schmieed. You wouldn’t be at the stinking interview if they weren’t interested.

So shut the hell up, smile, tell him how great your old miserable job was and what wonderful employers those soulless douches were and say hello to your new job!

You’ll get Schmieed eventually anyway no matter how well you do so what the $&@?! Be happy!


Merry Christmas!

Peace be the Botendaddy

Feliz Navidad

Fröhliche Weihnachten und einen gesegnetes neues Jahr!

Joyeux noël!




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