Scapa Flow: Neue Interview with Rochibauld Sachse-Heutelier

Ja, this is Klemmer Hanz Schnellebaker, I have once again the opportunity to interview Herr Rôchibauld Sächse-Heûtélièr.

KHS: It has been many years Rochibauld.

RSH: Ja, may I offer you Sghiaretieghlli?

KHS: Das ist ein sehr guter Tabak! What is its origin?

RSH: It is an Italian Alpine tobacco grown at exceptionally high altitude in the winter growing season. It is hand-rolled by Romansh neo-proto-Neanderthals.

KHS: Explain your current project?

RSH: It is a neues Kino about the scuttling of the Imperial Deutscher fleet at Scapa flow in 1919.

KHS: Explain its relevance?

RSH: It was the ultimate nihilist act of a defeated ‘nach dem Krieg’ Deutschland while it was awash in a passive männliche Sexuelle paralytisch emotionale Qualität der Schwächeheit Angst.

KHS: Delectable, I can almost feel the utterly hopeless, nude, Meidnerian groveling.

RSH: This film, must express the defeatist Angst of the Deustche Sailor combined with the conflicted anxiety of Kapitan von Reuter.

KHS: But didn’t Herr Doktor Freud state rather clearly that: Wir sind tief beeindruckt, wie eng die Entwicklung der Angst mit dem Schicksal der Libido und das Unbewusste System verwoben ist. Es ist nur eine getrennte Punkt, eine Inkonsistenz in unsere Hypothese: die unbestreitbare Tatsache, dass die wirkliche Angst betrachtet werden Ausdruck das Ego Instinkt der Selbsterhaltung.

“Wir brauchen einen Dolmätscher. Bitte:”

“We are deeply impressed with how closely the evolution of fear is interwoven with the fate of the libido and the unconscious. It is merely a separate point, an inconsistency in our hypothesis: the indisputable fact that the real fear of being exposed, is rather the ego’s instinct of self-preservation.”

RSH: Precisely. It is an erotic national state of the entire Geselleschaft.

KHS: So the entire event at Scapa Flow can be attributed to national Angst of the entire Deutches community and Herr Kapitan von Reuter in essence was forced to reach the Deutscher ego in order to free the national libido from emotional Schwachheit?

RSH: Exactly. Might I add Der König rief, und alle alle kommen?

KHS: In other words Napoleon was a bastardized French proto-Italian Corsican Teufel?

RSH: Correct. Napoleon forced himself upon the prostrate, passive male Deutsche nation, until liberation of the Teutonic Id by the aged, withered, yet muscular and turgid Ego-driven Generalfeldmarschall Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher at Leipzig and then Waterloo.

KHS: What will be the focus of the film?

RSH: We focus on von Reuter’s son, who is a Veteran and starving street artist in Trier. He is conflicted due to the Allies repression of his Id. Wilson and his cohorts acting as a sort of hyper-national super-ego to castrate the Deutsche psyche with a dominant, muscular Versailles Treaty. The son is torn among Socialism, Communism, National Socialism, Nihilism and Surrealist Kunstwerk.

KHS: In essence, then Admiral von Reuter acts as a new super-ego to rescue his son’s Id from Wilson’s vicious overreaching. Do you find it odd that Wilson is now seen as a virulent racist and purveyor of hate and social Angst-conflict in his own backyard so to speak?

RSH: No it is entirely unsurprising that Wilson is now seen as the demonic over-arching evil. He is almost like an evil mass-murdering birthday-performing clown hidden behind the terrifying face-paint, red wig and bulbous red fake nose of history.

KHS: Are all the actors Deutschen?

RSH: Yes, even the English (Teufels!) are played by Deutscher.

KHS: Did you mutter ‘devils’ under your breath?

RSH: Absolutely not! Unless I have lost control of my subconscious love-hate of the pale, yet tantalizingly dominant English people.

KHS: The scene where the ships start sinking and the English are impotently trying to return from their training jaunt as the glorious Deutscher Navy sinks, it appears that von Reuter is writhing in orgiastic ecstasy, while a demonic ‘Hob’s End’ style of a giant demonic Wilson rises cinematically superimposed in the smoky sky behind the sinking ships.

RSH: Precisely, the Teutonic Id is liberated by the transference to a new super-ego.

KHS: Is Wilsonian emphasis a reaction-formation with projection and transference?

RSH: Indisputably so, meinem Geehrter Herr!

KHS: Excellent Tabak!


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