Man in the Dramatic Mode

I hated school.

I was bored.

The coursework was uninspiring, until, one day in 1971 the ‘Man’ books appeared.

Man in the Fictional Mode, Dramatic Mode, Poetic Mode and I think Expository mode.

They were known as the Man Literature series.

They introduced me to the works of Saroyan, Karinthy and many others.

They were banned in some school districts for having inappropriate content.

Nowadays I guess whoever controls the system still decides which content in inappropriate, but I digress.

Who could forget the crazy play ‘Refund’ by Karinthy in ‘Man in the Dramatic Mode’ Volume 2 and the epic line: ‘You’re an ass! That’s my answer!’ as Wasserkopf tries to get a refund for his wasted education and the professors all try to trip him up.

What a joy it was. I don’t suppose they would pass muster today, maybe they would be banned again for being too racist, too sexist, too whatever. Back then it was too inappropriate too left-wing. Plus ca change…

Go find these books, you can buy them online. Some of the most wonderful anthologies I’ve ever seen.


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