Banana Run 5k – Latrobe PA

Organized Distance Race Number 50!

Latrobe in the scenic Laurel Highlands.

The race course was very flat, and it wound through the town of Latrobe. Not a lot of traffic control on the side streets, but enough on the big crossings.

I ran a 10k here back in 1993, it was brutal, we went up the mountain. But I was younger and I hadn’t broken everything yet.


It was a long drive to get there.

Lots of rural mountain roads.

The town was small but complex to navigate.

I parked and when I got out of my car a lady asked if we were in the right place at the right time.

People rarely talk to me so it was unusual.

She was rather attractive, petite a bit younger than me. Runner’s body. Possible had a stroke at one time judging from her gait and her speech. I suppose running is her rehab. I get that.

I put on the race shirt to run the race. I now do that at every race.

Other than the shirt there were no fun giveaways.

It was a fairly big crowd.

This time I was ready, I was going to beat the very elderly, overweight females, overweight males and the god-forsaken walk-run-walk-run people who I couldn’t catch the last time.

I ran strong the first mile 11:18, fast for me. Could I have broken 11? Probably but I’ve had trouble catching my breath so I wanted to pace myself.

I wore braces on both knees to stabilize and cut the extreme pain.

I caught the old guy. I caught the groups of young kids and I was dueling with the plump women and the run-walk-run types. As soon as they would walk I would sprint to catch them, they would feel my presence and start running, so I tried to push them harder especially on uphill, where I am strong.

We ran through neighborhoods with people cheering us on. We ran through the town past some horrific-smelling meatpacking plant. I was close to 24 minutes at the two mile, so I figured I would go for broke and thus exhaust the run-walk-run crowd. When I approached the stadium parking lot I saw a chance to break 35 minutes for the first time in seven years so, yes, I actually sprinted full bore past a very nice couple.

Unfortunately an elderly man had a heart attack at the finish line. It was pretty grim.

Also, there were no refreshments, nothing fun to eat.

I went to lay down on the concrete steps of the stadium away from the crowd.

I listened to the sirens.

I thought about the elderly man.

If he died and I hope he didn’t, he died running.

That’s what it’s all about.

I want to be like him.

Die doing something you love, whatever it is.

Peace be The Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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