Advice to over-30 single women in Manhattan

Go where the men are.

If you go to an art gallery, there are 12 single women, the art gallery owner (gay) and the artist (gay)

If you go to some event at the museum or library there are 42 single women, three men (gay), the poet (gay) and a few couples.

If you go to the gym, there are about 100 guys there, mostly married or (gay).

I read a statistic that among non-felony record, straight men in Manhattan between the ages of 25-45 something like 94% are married.

These are great places to go if you are trying to meet women.

Don’t go the club. Especially not in Manhattan. Manhattan which draws the most attractive, the most successful, the most alluring women IN THE WORLD. That’s where you are competing with fashion models, Upper East Side trust-fund chicks, actresses, media broads, etc., etc.

I know… women utterly detest men’s hobbies with every fiber of their being, and they make it known. That’s one of the reasons that men hate women. They are tired of having their interests and passions demeaned and belittled. Why not just cut off their testicles while you’re at it? Gee…wonder why you’re still single? Even if you are hot or rich or successful, the surest way to chase a guy away is to belittle him. Why not just tell him his phallus is too small?

You know what the women look like who get the men? They look like a cross-section of America. But guess what? Here is their secret – ssh! They actually like men and they let it be known. That’s why that nerdy 45 year old chick who weighs 300 pounds has a boyfriend or husband and you don’t. Because she has a welcoming smile, a kind word and she doesn’t make the man in her life feel like less-than.

The secret, to quote the great Patrick Swayze… be nice! Your competition is.

Where are the men?

Think about the things that you utterly despise: train events, sports memorabilia conventions, coin shows, gun shows, boat shows, hunting, fishing, outdoorsy stuff, techy stuff, military history lectures, creepy anime, skin-crawling furry conventions, sad nerdy medieval bilge get-togethers, comic book shows and stores, motorcycle shows and events, car shows, car museums, anything to do with planes or aviation, economics or business lectures and presentations, etc. ad infinitum.

The composition at these events? Among the guys under 55 about 300 single men and no women other than those dragged there kicking and screaming by their husbands.

You will be the belle of the ball. They will be amazed that you even showed up. They may try to share their knowledge as well. Just try not to cut their balls off when they do.


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