Stupid Phrases I Hate

‘An embarrassment of riches.’ NO ONE EVER SAID THIS IN ENGLISH EVER! NOT EVER! It’s a French phrase. Stop it for fuck’s sake, you just sound stupid.

Least favorite Hollywood phrase: “Peel an Onion” No-one ever said that in real life other than Shrek™®©.

‘Jackdaws’ are some sort of bird. This is overused in literature. No-one outside of an ornithology lab ever said Jackdaw…ever. Every stupid faux-southern socialist wanna-be down to earth jack-ASS writer of the 50’s and 60’s threw this word into their phony novels.

No-one ever said Black Swan before that stupid movie. Are you kidding? Shut up already you idiots.

By the way, I have never heard in conversation, in my entire life, the word ‘shrink’ used for psychiatrist. It is solely an archaic term revived by Hollywood.

‘Walk-off’ is just plain stupid. It makes no sense. Now every sportscaster and sad fantasy baseball idiot says walk-off. Shut up already you morons. Stop saying walk-off.

‘Lovelight’ or Love-light is a totally fake phrase concocted by the music industry.

No-one ever said ‘croaked’ for died. Another Hollywood term. Bogus.

No-one ever said ‘knocked-up’ for pregnant.

No-one ever said ‘crack-wise’ for wise-crack.

No-one ever said ‘conditioned air’.

No Southerner EVER said y’all to just one person.

If Hollywood can make up stupid fake non-existent colloquial phrases then why can’t I?

For years instead of saying ‘Burning Rubber’ also pronounced as ‘Buyanin Rubbah’ to have a properly fake South Carolina accent, I’ve been saying Burning High Rubber to mean moving extremely fast.

I say ‘slown down’ instead of slowed down. It makes sense doesn’t it?


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