Review: Stoker

I remember being at a French film festival.

It was some Depardieu film that takes place just after World War II.

He is running a bar in a bombed-out hotel.

It was Communists vs. the Collabos.

The film made no sense at all.

At the end everyone became a communist and sang the Internationale.

The French in the audience thought it was great. The Quebeckers reaction was ‘What the F’ was that?

My reaction to Stoker.

Atmospheric psycho-killer film made in a soft-porn meets serial killer style.

The actors were effectively engaging and creepy.

Weird High School Senior.

Weird uncle wants his niece to follow in his footsteps as a psycho killer?

Unstable fragile mother.

Several people get slaughtered.

Niece becomes a psycho-killer.

Sure see the film, but you may end up saying: What the F did I just watch?

Stoker 2013

Starring Maria Wasikowska, Matthew Goode, Nicole Kidman

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