The First Literary Critique of Botendaddy’s Work

This is a literary critique of one of Botendaddy’s first fiction works.

Clearly it was a disaster.

Please read the hateful diatribe written by my professor and you may find some merit for your own work.

What shall we call this?
A topical story?
In some ways it’s more like a piece of new journalism: current events and political debates put into fictional form.
Sentence for sentence you write well, but this is not the kind of topic likely to produce good stories, no matter how good the prose is.
Most good stories work because they have examined something freshly, originally, make us see something we haven’t seen before.
Often as not, the topic is an old one, but the treatment, the way of seeing, is new.
Here the topic is new, but there’s nothing very freshly observed apart from the current political dichotomy.
The responses of all the characters are predictable and often, in their own minds even, they speak rhetorically.
The general is very close to caricature.
I’d advise you to write about something closer to your own experience.
That may be a smaller scope to begin with, but it usually produces larger results.

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