The Wolf Pit by Marly Youmans

I’ve always loved upstate New York.

I viewed it as a pastoral serene, peaceful place.

Well there was Attica and Love Canal.

Theodore Dreiser managed to make it diabolical.

But maybe it’s getting sinister again.

Marly Youmans ‘The Wolf Pit’ from 2001 is worth revisiting.

Youmans is a writer of mostly speculative fiction who creates literary landscapes out of possibilities often set in the recent past. Her work is very detailed, and carefully so you can’t skip a line.

Wolf Pit is a sort of mystical look at the Civil War from the most intimate level slice-of-life of those who may have lived it.

It creates a metaphor between mythical creatures and the young southern soldiers who end up in a Prison of War Camp in upstate New York (Something autobiographical here?)  as well as that of a slave’s daughter who searches for higher meaning.

I don’t want to give away the plot let alone the ending so I don’t go into great detail. But after you’ve read it, I’ll write more.


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