The Real Reason I Started this Site: Running

Jim Fix wrote a book called running that started the running craze of the 70s.

Then there was a book on Jogging.

Before that the ground-breaking Canadian Army Physical Fitness Booklet.

Then the original book on Aerobics.

So on a very hot day in North Carolina, August 30,

I think a long time ago,

I went for a run for the first time in my life, just to pick up on the craze.

I made it a quarter mile before almost collapsing in 96 degree heat and 90% humidity.

But I ran and I ran until April of 2011


This site was really started as a way to keep track of running

so I could stay motivated

to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test.

I left the Army in April of 2011.

I vowed never to run again.

It is now April 2013,

and thanks to my daughter,

I just started running again.

On a soft anthracite coal dirt track

at her school.

She is a good runner

for a nine year old.

I ran first a quarter mile,

then at the end of the week

a half mile and today I ran two quarters.

After a triple lower leg fracture (three surgeries)

followed by a split Tibia (Iraq) (surgery)

preceded by a cracked ball and socket joint (Bosnia) and

preceded by a cracked Pelvis and Vertebra (spinal surgery).

I managed to pass all of my APFTs (I may have flunked a couple while on profile recovering).

At any rate,

I ran,

after I thought I would never run again.

I always hated it.

Now I’m just grateful that I can do it,

and it’s not as bad,

as I remembered,

but just as hard.


-Jacques Brel-endaddy


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