To Writers Who Lack Notability

My recommendations

o Get a legitimate plan to sell your work and to promote your work.

o Write reviews of other’s work and submit your reviews for publication. This will help you understand how to assess your own work.

o Join a writer’s workshop so you have independent reviews of your writing.

o If you don’t meet with success right away, remember that many writers have suffered for decades with endless rejections of poems, short stories, novels-before they succeeded.

o Success does not come easy.

o Don’t be offended by criticism, no-one likes criticism, but learn from it.

Next set of recommendations

o Don’t stop writing. Writing isn’t about being published and it’s not about being loved, it’s about writing.

o Define yourself as a writer first, and whatever you do for a living, second.

o Get out of your own head. Make sure the reader, who is not in your head, has enough references to understand your story.

o Try to write from your own experience, what makes your writing great is that it’s your original perspective.

o The topic isn’t as important as the fact that you are telling the story from your point of view.

o Don’t make excessive use of adjectives, make your writing readable.

Reprinted from Wikipedia with the permission of the author, ME!


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