Unfunny Comedians

1. Milton Berle -unfunny, boring, arrogant, unpleasant-older folks thought he was funny. I don’t see it. He stinks.
2. Billy Crystal – arrogant and smarmy does not equal funny.
3. Buddy Hackett – not funny.
4. Lucille Ball – angry, unpleasant-anything but funny.
5. Carol Burnett – classy, creative, innovative, but I don’t get it.
6. Martin Lawrence – horribly, morosely unfunny.
7. Kathy Griffin – not funny, angry and bitter doesn’t do it for me-what is she like a Warhol hanger-on? a celebrity not a comedienne.
8. George Lopez -not funny. TV show is OK. Stage routine is horrible.
9. Wanda Sykes – used to be funny-now is too political-we’re too dumb to come to our own conclusions she has to make them for us.
10. Lewis Black – ooh I hate George Bush-ooh it’s so original.
11. Eddie Izzard – The weird English half transvestite guy. First of all he isn’t funny second of all being only a partial transvestite dressed like someone’s aunt is creepy. Ru Paul at least has a sense of humor.
12. Ricky Gervais – Boring, smarmy.
13. Nathan Lane – Fat and creepy not funny.
14. Bob Hope – Nice guy-not funny
15. Vicki Lawrence – Staggeringly non-funny. The fake wigs and phony accents are just annoying.


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