I hate the term “Foodies”

In a chinese meal the following vegetables are disgusting gratuitous unnecessary cheap fillers:

Carrot, cabbage and green pepper.

Also cabbage does not belong in an egg roll-ever.

In Italian pasta sauce carrot goes in never, never, never, never.

In an Antipasto, sliced mild peppers go in never, green pepper goes in never. Pepperoncini are the only peppers tolerated in an antipasto. And don’t be a crappy cheapskate, put in provolone and capicolla, not just a little bit of stale salami.

Worst foods ever: Brussels sprouts, yams, sweet potatos, liver of any kind, cranberry gelatin or sauce.

Lima beans are inedible unless they are in some kind of a beef broth soup.

Peas: 1. canned sweet peas are good. 2. Canned regular peas are disgusting. 3. Fresh peas on salad are good.

Succotash is horrible.

Fruit salad is horrible, why mix delicious separate fruits into a hideous, congealed, sour mass?


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