Best American Writers of the Macabre

Hallowe’en Approaches…

Poe – not debatable, unless you are stupid and uneducated. Go back to school you pompous horse’s ass. Oooh look at me Poe isn’t good enough for me, ooh I’m just so smart!

Ambrose Bierce – If you haven’t read Bierce, you may want to get to the library.

H.P. Lovecraft – Original, out there, wacky

Richard Matheson – pure unadulterated genius. Only a stupid, self-involved, illiterate, moron, windbag doesn’t get Matheson.

George Romero Co-Screenwriter “Night of the Living Dead”

Washington Irving

Charles Addams

Gahan Wilson

Writers who don’t belong on this list – Stephen King, unless sappy, derivative, overblown, literary bowel movement is your thing. Carrie -ooh look at me! another high school revenge story – ooh it’s just so original! Oooh Nazi zombies! Ooh Pet Sematary – I liked it the first time I read it when it was called “The Monkey’s Paw” (Although Fred Gwynn was utter genius in the film). Ooh that crappy director STANLEY KUBRICK didn’t correctly interpret “The Shining” LIKE KING’S CRAPPY RE-MAKE IMPROVED ON THIS CLASSIC FILM! The only good thing King ever wrote was his review of Lauren Groff’s Monsters of Templeton.


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