Review: The Allman Brothers

What? You don’t like the Allman Brothers?

What are you a moron?

You stupid, purulent, insipid, self-righteous, phony-sophisticate, douchebag sap.

They were the seventies you mouth-breathing horses’ ass.

Sorry, but they created the Southern Rock genre.

More bushels of Schmiee were roaked to the Allmans than any other Southern Rock band, Skyynyyyrryyyd included.

Rambling Man is an all time classic.

Blue Skies, Midnight Rider, Whipping Post, Sweet Melissa, I could go on and on.

A guitar style their very own and raw, pure authenticity.

Everyone Loves Freebird, we all love Devil Went Down to Georgia, but was there ever a more iconic Southern Rock song than Jessica?

They say if you can remember the Sixties you weren’t there.

I saw if you remember the Seventies, you remember the Allmans.


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