Rochibauld Sachse-Heutélièr

Rochibauld has been introduced as a character in the story “The LNOs”

Rochibauld represents a very interesting dichotomy.

He is akin to Midas, one who has success at everything he touches, but he prefers failure and mediocrity.

Rochibauld is the son of an Alsatian couple named Heutélièr.

His grandmother was a lady Sachse of Trier, Germany.

It is rumored that she had an affair with no other than the Fuhrer himself, while he was a tortured artist after the end of World War I in Berlin.

The grandson, born in 1960 becomes a teenage punk rock sensation appearing at CBGBs the Decade and even playing live at the Budokan, opening for Cheap Trick in ’79.

He calls out his name to his audience: “Hello you fools! I am Rochibauld Sachse-Heutélièr” but the audience amid the din think they hear “I am Rock n’ Roll Sex-Hitler” and they go wild.

He steps back to the microphone: “I hate you, you idiots, get a life you are all stupid losers spending your money on this crap, this musical bowel movement! Idiots! Rot in hell!”

Again the crowd goes wild. But that was not his intent. He is like Warhol, they come to him for wisdom. But all he has is insults. And they come back for more.

The more he tries to fail at music the more he succeeds. He detests fame, fortune and the adulation of crowds. He prefers brooding over some Norwegian painting or some aspect of 18th century philosophy. Eventually he goes to University, joins the Bundeswehr and disappears.

He shows up in Bosnia, an officer with the German peacekeeping force and he encounters Major Otsego. Unbeknownst to Otsego, Rochibauld knows him. He remembers Otsego as a Bass player in a major Rock band in 1979. Otsego, like Rochibauld, wants to hide his Rock n’ Roll past or he will feel that his solitude in the Army will be destroyed.

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