Children’s TLC Groundhog 10K Kansas City Subtropolis

Add Missouri to the list of states where I have run races.

The Groundhog run was for a good cause at least.

The Subtropolis is an underground limestone cavern in Eastern KCMO.

I ran my best 10k in a competitive race-70:07.

I just couldn’t break into the 60s.

The race was weird winding down a two lane road through the caverns. You really couldn’t get your bearings and some parts were uphill some were downhill but it was hard to tell.

I think the mile markers were a bit off at times.

If I could have seen the finish line more than 60 yards out I might have made it.

A nice lady from Missouri paced me the last mile or I would have dropped dead.

It is the only underground 10k in the world and it is pretty weird.

I recommend it to runners interested in a cool roadtrip.

I have also been running on the underground 1/10th mile track at the Leavenworth Community Center.

It is a lot of circles but there are many people on the track and going back and forth to the various gyms, so it keeps your interest. Don’t run without music and don’t lose track of your laps!


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