Disaster in Topeka

Janaury 17th was a cool and wet day in Topeka. It was the start of the 27th Annual Topeka to Auburn Half-Marathon.

I dressed warmly as it was cool, and humid with high winds.

The course had multiple changes in elevation with the total elevation change across the course being about 240 feet. Compared to Iraq where the total changes in elevation at Tallil and Baghdad were less than 20 feet.

I started poorly and then the day got worse. My two mile time wasn’t horrible but it was not quick. I almost ran the wrong way the the four mile mark. That would have been catastrophic as I’d still be running today like Forrest Gump TM(c)(r).

From mile 5 to the mid-point it was a very steep uphill climb of about 200 vertical feet over a mile and half. It sucked every ounce of energy from my body. By the ten mile mark I hit the “wall” and it was all I could do to focus to try to maintain a running motion. It was uphill another mile. Once I crested the top I was totally out of gas. A 76 year old Korean War Vet from Missouri passed me by. At the twelve-mile mark on a long downhill I could barely move my legs at all. Two women, both in their 60s ran past me. At the thirteen mile mark I thought I was just going to fall over.

I made it just under three hours at 2:58:20, not my best or worst, but not a great time.

I was 262nd in a field of 270.

Thanks to Jim and his wife who gave me a ride back to Topeka where I had parked.

Savagery, the horror, the horror, madness.


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