Best Made for TV Movies

The Best:

Helter Skelter with Steve Railsback-Still scary

Jonestown Story with Powers Boothe as Jim Jones-Brilliant performance he was Jim Jones

Gary Cole with Mark Harmon as Ted Bundy-Mark Harmon can definitely act he was frightening as Bundy

Deliberate Stranger with Gary Cole as Dr. Jeffrey McDonald-Spooky rendition


The Stand-Insipid crap. I hate Stephen King, I’m sorry I just do

Thorn Birds-Deathly Boring

Helter Skelter Remake-Not Necessary Original was terrifying why remake it.

Andromeda Strain Remake-Original was brilliant.

The Shining-Oh yeah Stephen you’re so much more talented than STANLEY KUBRICK!

All items TM (c)(r) their respective holding companies.


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