1978: East New York, CBGBs and Riverdale

Now it doesn’t even sound real.

Part of it sounds like a cross between the Spike Lee TM movie ‘Summer of Sam’ TM(r)(c) and the TV series about the ’77 Yankees TM(r)(c).

I really did have a friend who worked at CBGBs TM.

I really did see some crappy New Wave bands there.

I really did live in East New York and went to High School in Canarsie.

I really did live in a giant housing project next to a huge garbage dump next to the sea. Eerie smoke used to rise out of the garbage dump.

I really did used to take the train to go work out at my cousin’s house in Sheepshead Bay.

I really did see them filming ‘The Warriors’ TM(c)(r) final scene at Brighton Beach from my Grandmother’s apartment.

I really took the train to Manhattan to go to CBGBs TM.

I really did bake Knishes at Mother Stahl’s at Brighton Beach and Coney Island Avenue.

I really took the D Train to Riverdale in the Bronx where my friends lived in the same building as Bobby Bonds TM of the New York Yankees TM and his little brother palled around with Bobby Bond’s son Barry.

Sometimes I used to take the train to the last station and walk along the cliffs of the very North Bronx and hit golf balls off the edge.

Other parts of the story may be embellished for literary value.


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