1960s Japanese Cartoons

Let me lead off by saying I hate Anime. The only thing I hate more than anime is fantasy football, baseball etc. Only a total loser would be involved in fantasy football and only a total freak would be involved in Anime.


However back in the 60s there were:

  • Tobor the 8th Man TM(r)(c) All rights reserved
  • Kimba The White Lion TM(r)(c) All rights reserved
  • Marine Boy TM(r)(c) All rights reserved
  • Speed Racer TM(r)(c) All rights reserved

Tobor, (actually Detective Yokota), I believe was in black and white, his mind was reincorporated into a robot. See Robocop  TM(r)(c) All rights reserved for a similar concept. Great theme song “He’s Tobor the 8th Man!…” TM(r)(c) All rights reserved.

Then there was Kimba the White Lion TM(r)(c) All rights reserved, by Tezuka. I didn’t like this so much, it was for younger kids or girls. Had an OK theme song. See “The Lion King.” TM(r)(c) All rights reserved, for another rather remarkable similarity. I didn’t like this either. Although theoretically it could be traced to the “Jungle Book”  (OUT OF COPYRIGHT) by Bro. Rudyard Kipling.

Marine Boy had a great theme song: “He’s Marine Boy brave and free, fighting evil ‘neath the sea…”. He was cool but I could never figure out what the hell was going on. He was more macho than Sponge-Bob TM(r)(c) All rights reserved.

Last but not least, Speed Racer TM(r)(c) All rights reserved, he was way beyond cool as were the surreal Dali-esque race landscapes. I thought all car races were like that and I have been disappointed ever since that they don’t really race one-on-one across the Pampas. Best theme song ever? “Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer…” Spridle  TM(r)(c) All rights reserved, was way, way annoying. Did they know in Japan that in America Trixie TM(r)(c) All rights reserved, means hooker?


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