We were listening to ‘Stuck in the Middle’ TM(r)(c) by Stealer’s Wheel (all rights reserved), Little Willy TM(r)(c) by The Sweet (all rights reserved), maybe a little bit of “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” sung by Three Dog Night all rights reserved and copyright Hoyt Axton TM and most of all we listened to SLADE! TM(r)(c) Loudest band in Rock and Roll!, all rights reserved and especially ‘Smile Away’ TM(r)(c) by McCartney (TM) from the RAM TM(r)(c) album and ‘Elderberry Wine’ TM(r)(c) by Elton John TM.

Everyone was roakin’ the schmieghe, wearin’ tie-die and sandals, growing their hair long.

The 60s over, we really did believe in peace, love and harmony, we celebrated Earth Day TM(r)(c) by going outside and cleaning up the neighborhood.

We were the first generation that tried to get along regardless of race, sex, religion etc.

We hung out with Young Vietnam Vets and listened to their stories, and we as kids really cared and we really listened.

Our generation thought that politics was bullshit.

The Revolution was not televised. TM(r)(c).

Chocolate bars and Cokes TM(r)(c) still cost 10 cents, we were bummed when they went up to 15 cents. Gas was 27 cents a gallon, but we didn’t drive so we didn’t give a rat’s ass.

We hung out in the woods and we communed with nature because we really liked the woods and we liked nature.

I am not really here. I’m still back there in ’73 and I probably always will be.

Peace, The Botendaddy


About Botendaddy

Three times voted extreme sexiest man alive...by acclamation. I run because I must...I must!
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One Response to 1973

  1. bpl1960 says:

    Jeremiah Was A Bullfrog!!! You left out the indefinite article. And “we though politics was bullshit.” Thought!


    -The Spelling Police


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